Catching a Brewers Game at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Remember that heat wave that a lot of the country went through a week or so ago? Yeah, that was the day of the big Brewers-Cubs outing that one of our favorite local bars holds each year and we had tickets. It’s something to look forward to every year with food, drinks, friends, and baseball. What could be better? But this year we also had a heat index of over 100 degrees, which we Wisconsinites are not used to! Despite this (and the the team’s dismal record over the last few years), it’s easy to have a great time at Miller Park taking in a Milwaukee Brewers game!

Miller Park is home to the Milwaukee Brewers and even if you are not the most avid baseball fan (like me!), it’s still great to take in a day at the ballpark. Opened on April 6, 2001, Miller Park is a state-of-the-art ballpark that boasts a convertible roof, huge replay and scoreboards, and natural grass on the diamond. From any seat in the house, you can feel the excitement and energy of the fans and players rooting for the home team.

Getting there
Located on the outskirts of downtown Milwaukee, there are many ways to get to the park but my suggestion is to head to a local bar and take one of the many free shuttles. You can go to almost any bar around Milwaukee on game day and find a shuttle within walking distance, so do a little homework online in advance and you will be taken care of, to be sure. The highlight of driving for many is tailgaiting, which is fun and can save you some money on food inside the park but try to carpool or again, find a bar that will be tailgaiting as part of an outing. Usually for one fee, you can get a ticket, food and drink, and sometimes like ours, a t-shirt! You can drive but the traffic and parking can be a real pain, and with parking at $11-25 a pop, it is worth it to take a shuttle or the bus. This shuttle guide is not exhaustive but is a great start!

Tickets and Seating
There are many different ticketing and seating options at Miller Park, to fit just about anyone’s budget. There are suites available, four choices of front-row seats on four different levels, bleachers, and more. The seat map can give you all the info you need but in my experience, there isn’t a bad seat in the house! Be aware that on days when the Brewers play the Cubs, tickets are going to be more challenging to get your hands on, so get them early. You will also have to contend with Cubs fans at these games, so beware! 😉 Kidding, Cubs fans….

​Food and drink options
There are a ton of food and drink choices at Miller Park but like any park, be sure to bring your wallet and take a cheat day from the diet! From hotdogs and beer or tacos and margaritas to menu options at Friday’s, there is something for everyone. A fan favorite is the Cactus League Nachos served in a plastic baseball helmet – this is a must-try! Check out the Amenities Map for menus and locations of all the food options at the park.

So while I am not the biggest baseball fan, even I like to get to a Brewers game once or twice a year. Miller Park is a great stadium and full of energy on game day. Be sure not to miss the Klement’s famous Racing Sausages and rolling out the barrel during the Seventh Inning Stretch! So get out there, be safe, and have a great day!
​Other info:

  • The Brewers Team Store can meet all of your souvenir needs but as with any sports stadium, items here will be more expensive than getting them at your local department or sporting goods store.
  • Hang out at Walker’s Pint (lovingly referred to as “The Pint”) or one of the other LGBT-friendly bars in the Walker’s Point neighborhood before the game and take the many other shuttles in the area to and from the game.
  • Miller Park is accessible to everyone; check out this handy guide for more info.
  • Bringing kids to a game? There are a ton of special activities for them! Check out this Family Guide to Miller Park and this Miller Park Family Fun Guide for more info.
  • Tours of Miller Park are available just be sure to check out the schedule and prices first.
  • Download the app for everything you need to know about Miller Park at your fingertips!

Do you like to take in a game when you travel? What’s your favorite team or place to watch them? Comment below and let us know!


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