8 Things to Do When You Can’t Travel!

Wish you were traveling but stuck at home? Not all of us are able to make travel our full-time jobs. If you are like me, you’d always rather be traveling, but need to do the 9-to-5 gig to pay the bills. So what to do with the time between trips? Read on for some suggestions!

1. Why, plan your next trip, of course!
Wanderlusters always have a few trips in the hopper, am I right?? So, get to planning! Make a spreadsheet, go to the library for the latest travel guides, and get to the GlobalETA Library to start researching where to go next and what you can’t miss while there! For me, the planning of the trip is almost as fun as the trip itself. Almost.
​2. Record and/or organize the memories from your last trip!
Take a ton of photos on your trips? Well, there’s usually some organization that needs to happen when you return so you can find those photos and share them with others. So download those pics, rename them, put them in folders, share them on social media. Perhaps you scrapbook or blog, well, get to it! Write those stories and share those photos so that you can re-live those memories for years to come.
3. Make that money!
No matter how frugal of a traveler you are, it always takes a bit of money to take that next trip. So whether you have a regular gig like me, freelance, or temp it, get that money! Come up with creative and intentional ways to pay down the bills from that last trip and save up for the next. Have a garage sale, pick up an extra part-time job, or start to monetize your blog – the time goes a lot faster when you keep busy and are working toward a tangible goal.
​4. Explore your own backyard!
Most of us take for granted the amazing, often hidden, gems in our own hometowns. But what seems ordinary may be extraordinary upon further investigation! So get out there and try that new restaurant, take in a local game, take that day trip to the museum or historical site to which you’ve never been, or go on a hike in a local park or nature reserve. Take your camera and you will be amazed that you don’t need to go far to feel faraway.
5. Take a class!
Nowadays if you want to take classes, there are a ton of options and you don’t have to spend a lot to do so. Perhaps the local community college is offering a photography class or you find a great audiobook or online program to learn a new language. Local sporting goods stores, libraries, or non-profit orgs often offer classes for free or for a small membership fee. So don’t just watch the clock waiting for the time to pass, find something you can learn about that will make your future travels more fulfilling!
6. Get active!
Hand-in-hand with exploring the area in which you live or taking a class is getting active. Perhaps you already have a gym membership but if not, get outside and try something new like kayaking, yoga, or rock climbing. Granted, some of these things will cost money to get started but if you just want to dip your toes in, you can usually find affordable rental options instead of dropping a wad of cash on something new that you’re not even sure you will dig. This is especially fun with a friend, partner, or pet, so grab your bestie and jump in!
7. Watch travel shows or films!
Weather or funds not cooperating for you to go exploring? There are whole channels devoted to travel and exploration, so you can certainly distract yourself from not traveling or learn about a new place by watching a fun show or new documentary. From adventure tales, to endurance sports, to classic Richard Attenborough nature documentaries, there are innumerable ways to get your travel even if you are stuck at home. Check our our list for some rainy-day movie ideas.
​8. Read travel books and blogs!
I’m a librarian, so of course I am going to encourage you to read! But even when you can’t get to a new place yourself, a great travel book or blog can make you feel like you are there. Whether it’s a new bestseller, an old standby, an audiobook you listen to on the morning commute, or your favorite traveler sharing photos and tips, travel books and blogs can inspire and delight. Need some ideas? Talk to your local librarian and check out our travel book lists! We also have a massive list of the best travel blogs out there, so take a look!
​These are just a few ideas to pass the time when you are unable to travel and find yourself wanderlusting hard. What have I missed? What do you do between trips to make the time go faster? Give us your ideas in the comments below!

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