Travel Shortlist – MALTA: Why I Want to Go

​I would love to visit Malta. You may be thinking, “Never heard of it!” or “Why Malta?” Well, read on friends and I will tell you why Malta is in the top ten of my Travel Shortlist

​Located off the coast of Sicily in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese archipelago is comprised of several islands, three of which are inhabited. These three islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino, are delightful destinations for tourists with their high coastline cliffs and captivating historical charm.

In additon to Malta’s beaches, I would definitely want to visit the Azure Window. This iconic limestone formation is located in Dwerja Bay and sits in the famed Inland Sea. Also on my list would be the salt pans, located around Xwieni Harbour. I would love to kayak the Blue Grotto and swim in Comino’s Blue Lagoon. I would definitely take in the ancient ruins of Mdina as well as the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, which are some of the oldest prehistoric structures in the world. Also of interest to some of us: Malta and Gozo were used as locations for filming Game of Thrones!

Unfortunately within the last few years, the Azure Window has begun to show stark signs of deterioration. Despite NGO warnings to make it a no-go zone before it is completely lost, the Malta Tourism Authority hasn’t the resources to enforce this request.

While visiting Malta, I would want a luxurious apartment on the beach or in the heart of things where I could wander the cobblestone streets. Or perhaps I’d prefer somewhere quieter with amazing views of the countryside. To find the perfect accommodations in Malta, I would depend on Chestertons. Wherever I stay, I know that everything is only a bus or ferry ride away on the islands of Malta.

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Are you convinced yet? Have you been to Malta? Comment below with your suggestions of things I shouldn’t miss while visiting Malta!  

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