About Global ETA

About Global ETA

Explore, Travel, Adventure
Non-traditional travel for non-traditional women.

Who We Are

Founded in May 2016, GlobalETA travel and outdoors digital library and blog provides you with the resources you need to learn all about global travel and outdoor activities, including information on worldwide destinations, hiking and backpacking, women’s travel, ethical and queer travel, and more. While ETA usually refers to “Estimated Time of Arrival,” for me it stands for “Explore, Travel, and Adventure!” 

The site was created and is maintained by Karla J. Strand. A librarian for over 12 years, I earned my Masters in Library and Information Science in 2006 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and my doctorate in Information Science in 2016 from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). Travel offers me a freedom that I experience at no other time. When not traveling, I crave reading, the outdoors, music, puzzles, and exploring my local area.

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My values

I believe in the transformative power of travel, nature, and the outdoors in the growth of compassion, understanding, and empowerment, especially when combined with the right information. I value ethical and sustainable travel, that which does not exploit local communities, nature, or wild animals but that seeks to empower and celebrate them. This is why I aim to gather and provide you with only the best resources on the web that you can use to prepare for a trip, learn about the culture and history of a destination, get involved with a local organization, explore a new activity, or expand your knowledge base of travel, nature, and the outdoors. 

Start your adventure here!

The main feature of this site is a travel and outdoors Digital Library which includes resources vetted by a librarian (me!) to ensure their quality, currency, and authority. These include websites, organizations, articles, reviews, reports, gear lists, and more, and they are all in one place, for free. You know, because it’s a library!

Non-traditional travel for non-traditional women.

I also maintain a Blog which is focused primarily on travel but will also include photo essays, gear and book reviews, and more.

The GlobalETA blog is unlike other travel blogs you may have read in that it is focused on 30+ travelers, the Gen Xers who are now all grown up and may even have grown kids of their own.

It’s for those of us who’ve sowed our wild oats and while we are still looking for adventure, we no longer stay in the hostel dorms… we’ve moved on to the private rooms at the hostel!

We don’t stay up all night to drink but instead to see a volcano’s glowing lava or to catch the first rays of a new day (although we still enjoy a few sundowners before dinner). You won’t find stories of Sunday Fundays or photos of me in a bikini (but you do you, ladies!).

What you will find is a real woman – a non-traditional, curious. independent, strong, and smart explorer – traveling throughout the world (often solo) to learn about cultures and history, engage with the people, breathe in the air and land, and have authentic experiences that aren’t always easy or glamorous.

While I’ve (mostly) moved on from hostels, I’m not a luxury traveler either. I would gladly take tented camps in Namibia, forest cottages in Puerto Rico, or beach huts in Nicaragua over five-star hotels any day! I also love the lure of the open road and road trip any chance I get.

If I happen to be short on funds or only have the weekend away from my daily responsibilities, I love to take the day to explore my own backyard. If you’d rather see the world via two lane road, off the beaten track, with a pack on your back, or if you’re new to travel, then take a look at the blog. 

I’d love to hear from you, so please contact me if you have any feedback.  

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GlobalETA has been to: Lesotho, Namibia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Swaziland, United Kingdom, United States.
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